In December, I got my first Brazilian wax. I have to tell you, "IT WAS HORRIBLY PAINFUL!" Horribly painful, but I loved the results! So, I decided to get another BW to see if it hurt just as bad as the first time, worse or less: It hurt less. First of all, I went back to the same esthetician that did my first way because I absolutely loved her energy. So, thanks Larissa of Trios Salon and Spa. Second, I also opted to try underarm waxing since I loved the baby soft feel of my skin on more sensitive areas. Third, I knew what was coming, so I was able to brace myself for the possible pain to come. This second time around was more of a discomfort than a painful sensation. The underarm waxing did sting for just a moment, but after the initial shock, the sting went away. My esthetician asked if I knew of any waxing horror stories. I know absolutely none from anyone else’s experience, but I have quite a few eyebrow escapades I could share of my own. I want to know what everyone else is thinking about waxing. Have you tried it? Would you try it? Personally, I'm addicted! I'm never going back to a razor after seeing my fabulous results, but how about you?
6/23/2011 13:06:28

I have not tried it but I've thought about it. Did you use the no scream cream before hand? I read that if you get a Brazilian its a must.


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